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Inclusive Development Model (IDM)

From de ethic imperative to wealth for everyone

On this occasion, José Medina Mora, president of Coparmex in Mexico, talks to a panel of international and high-level "discutants" about the Model for Inclusive Development (IDM) that the Confederation put on the table last November. This proposal seeks to offer an alternative not only to resume the development of Mexico and Latin America after the pandemic, but also as a strategy to set our countries on the road to prosperity and well-being of our societies in the continent.

The Dialogue allowed for an examination of the proposal that enriches it with perspectives from the public, academic and Peruvian sectors.

The IDM will only be able to produce concrete results to the extent that it receives at least the benefit of the doubt and, if possible, conceptual and ideological as well as practical support and contributions from the different corners of society. This first dialogue gives hope that the IDM can attract the necessary interest and support from key actors in society and politics, at least in Mexico and Peru.

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